Owning a business is one of the greatest way to build wealth and control your own destiny with stability and the flexibility of income.
A business opportunity search usually starts with a vision, and AK Property Brokers knows the importance of finding one that fits your needs, talents, skills and lifestyle. With our knowledge, experience and advice we will be able to walk you through the entire process.

Things to consider when buying an existing business.
1) What cash flow do I need?
2) How long has the business been operating?
3) How long have they owned the business?
4) Why are they selling the business?

Basic Guide to purchasing a business

-Make an offer to purchase

-Terms, conditions and contingencies of the offer

-Due diligence process

-Financing (if required)

-Escrow and Closing

We would like our customers/clients to understand that AK Property Brokers does NOT hold any Escrow funds. We have a Closing/Escrow Attorney where we recommend our customers/clients to deposit their escrow funds.

Are you looking to relocate with a Business Visa?
We can provide you with excellent sources and services regarding a Foreign Investor Visa for those people who are looking for an opportunity to relocate to Florida requiring a Green Card or an L-1 or E-2 Visa.

We have assisted many clients/customers to relocate from United Kingdom, North America, South America, South Africa, Russia, Europe and Russia.

AK Property Brokers can guide you step- by-step throughout the buying process please call us today for a free consultation.
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AK Property Brokers is “Dedicated to Results” and our business excellence is driven by your success.